Spring Clean Your CPAP Machine

Spring has sprung, my sleepy yetis! Now is the season of new beginnings, fresh air, and chasing a fresh batch of hikers through the woods... 

Anywho, I know that starting CPAP therapy can be overwhelming. Even though the average Yeti is three times smarter than the average human (just saying...), I still remember feeling overloaded with information at the start of my CPAP journey. So in the spirit of spring, I thought I'd offer a little refresher on CPAP cleaning, so we can all ensure we are keeping optimizing our CPAP experience! 

Spring Shower Freshness: the Importance of CPAP Cleaning 

When undergoing CPAP therapy, you're directly breathing machine-circulated air. Keeping this air quality high ensures minimizing any health concerns associated with CPAP. 

Improper CPAP Care Risks 

  • Voiding of device warranty 
  • Foul odor machine emissions 
  • Premature equipment breakdown 
  • Internal equipment mineralization
  • Increased exposure to allergens - mold and bacteria 
  • Increased risk for sinus infections and pneumonia

Clearly, your CPAP deserves a little TLC this springtime. So let's breakdown my recommendation for an effective daily spring CPAP cleaning routine:

  1. UNPLUG your CPAP from its power source. One of my Yeti friends got struck by lightening once and it was not a good look. 
  2. DISASSEMBLE CPAP machine parts. Separate any parts that can be easily reattached. Disconnect your mask from the tubing. 
  3. Take a soft damp cloth and wipe down the surfaces of your machine with warm water and dish washing detergent. 
Sleep Accessory Replacements Timelines
Besides getting into the cleaning routine, it is also important to remember that some CPAP parts need to be replaced for your CPAP to function properly. It is recommended you replace the following items accordingly:
CPAP Filters - monthly
CPAP mask - every 6 months
Hoses - every 6 months 
Water Chamber - every 6 months 
Eddie's Extra Tips
  • Clean your machine more frequently when you are sick. 
  • Replace device or accessories if you notice deformation, cracking, discoloration or leaking.
  • Do not use bleach, alcohol or natural oils to clean your machine, as these substances may degrade the device/accessories.
  • Only use distilled water in your humidifier to avoid hard mineral buildup in your machine.

Latest Cleaning Tools

If you want to get up on the latest in CPAP care, these additional tools make your CPAP cleaning quicker than a Yeti up a mountain. 

  • Mask Wipes - these wipes ensure your daily mask cleaning in only one step. Reducing the hassle of cleaning your mask means you'll be more likely to stay on top of your cleaning routine. We offer both the Pürdoux™ CPAP Mask Wipes and the Contour CPAP Mask Wipes

  • Sanitizers - a convenient advancement in CPAP technology are sanitation units, which either use UVC light, like the Lumin Sanitizer, or ozone like the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer. These machines cut down on cleaning time and effectively kill almost all bacteria.

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Now I must be off my sleepy yetis, as you can see my place is an absolute wreck after winter!

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