Sleep Yeti | FAQ

Where are you located?

We are a Canadian based store that sells only online. We do not have any brick and mortar stores and/or pickup locations.


If I have any troubles, how do I contact you?

If you have questions about ANYTHING, you can reach us at or by calling us at 1-866-997-4288 between 8:30am and 5:00pm  MST. You can also connect to us on Facebook and Twitter


Will I be talking with a CPAP Therapy expert when I call?

Yes! All staff at Sleep Yeti are trained to answer many of the questions customers have, such as product details, returns and CPAP basics. At the same time, we understand that sometimes a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) is better for answering some of the more technical questions. Sleep Yeti has access to a network of RRTs that we can connect you to should our staff not be able to answer you questions. 


I’m a first time user, what should I buy?

Each person’s needs are a little bit different, so we always recommend speaking to one of our experts before making your first purchase so that we can ensure you’re buying the right equipment and not spending more money than you have to. You can reach an expert at

If you’re looking for a rough guideline on what you’ll need:

  • Auto CPAP machine – with humidifier
  • Heated hose
  • Nasal Mask
  • Cleaning supplies


Are your products new?

Yes. All product sold by Sleep Yeti is new and unused. We do not sell refurbished products.


Do I need a prescription?

This depends on what you have come here to buy. We do need your prescription on file before we can sell you any CPAP machine. You or your doctor can email your prescription to There is also an option to upload a digital copy of your prescription during the purchasing process.

We DO NOT need a prescription to sell you a mask, hose or any accessories.


What comes with my CPAP machine?

All CPAP machines we sell will come with the machine, a hose, filters, power cord, data card and carrying case. In most cases, the mask is a separate purchase (with the exception of the AirMini travel CPAP). If you have any questions about what is included with a machine, you can reach one of our experts at or call 1-866-997-4288. 


Why are you prices so much lower than other retailers and stores?

Other retailers and stores that sell CPAP equipment often have higher staff and overhead costs and lower sales conversion rates, which forces them to mark up items as much as 300% to cover those costs. At Sleep Yeti, our staffing and overhead costs are lower, which allows us to pass these savings onto our customers.


Do you only ship within Canada?

Yes. Currently, we are only licensed to sell in Canada.


What types of payment do you accept?

Sleep Yeti offers Canadian VISA, Mastercard, and American Express as payment options for its customers.


Do you offer financing options?

Sleep Yeti does not offer financing options, but Medicard does. You can find out more about their financing options at


Will my personal information and payment information be secure?

Sleep Yeti has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security measures in place that are designed to protect you against loss or unauthorized use of your personal information and your credit card information. SSL means that a customer’s online experience is encrypted and safe from hackers while they are shopping online. You can easily see if your online commerce site is using SSL by making sure that you see “https” in the URL bar during checkout.

However, no security mechanism is perfect and you must be aware that you are always at some level of risk that personal information transmitted to Sleep Yeti may become compromised with out any fault of Sleep Yeti. Sleep Yeti declines all responsibility regarding forwarded confidential information, except in case of negligence on the part of Sleep Yeti.


How much tax can I expect on my order?

Because CPAP therapy is considered a “medical expense” no tax will be charged on purchases of anything that is considered essential to CPAP therapy, ie, machines, hoses, masks, filters, replacement parts, etc. 

Since our business is located in Alberta where there currently isn’t a sales tax, no provincial sales tax will be charged to your bill.


Will you match a competitor’s price?

We strive to offer Canadians the best prices on CPAP equipment in Canada. If you find a lower priced machine, mask or hose that we sell (must be exact model), we’ll match that price for you. Proof of price may be required.

*Note: Price must be in Canadian dollars, and be sold by a rival Canadian retailer or online store. We will not match prices offered in other countries. 


Will my insurance company reimburse my online purchase? 

Customer’s insurance policies will vary. Please contact your insurance provider regarding what they will and won’t cover.


I just placed my order, what will happen next?

Once your order is placed a Sleep Yeti staff member will check to make sure we have all the information we need on file – i.e., prescription (if needed), shipping information, etc. If we are missing any information we will do our best to get in touch with you right away to collect any information we need.

If all the needed information is on file, one of our staff will put together your order in our warehouse and ship it within 72 hours using the shipping method you’ve selected. Once shipped, we will email you a tracking number so you will be able to track your package. 


How quickly will my order be shipped and when should I expect to receive it?

Provided we have all the correct information needed to process your order, we will have your order shipped in under 72 hours. We use Canada Post to ship your orders, and depending on where in Canada you live, you should receive your order in 7-10 days from purchase date.  


Will I be able to track my order?

Yes. Every order will be shipped using the service you select during the checkout process. Once we ship your order you will receive an email with the tracking number for your purchase.


*All prices are in CAD*
If don’t see your question on here, send us an email. We’d love to answer any questions you have. Email or phone 1-866-997-4288. Our call operating hours are between 8:30am and 5:00pm MST, but you can leave us a message at any time!