Best CPAP Memes

Now you humans may think that yetis aren't in the know about meme culture, but let me tell you I keep up-to-date with the meme du jour. So I thought, why not round up my favorite memes for my sleepy yetis enjoyment? Sleep apnea is a serious condition, but that doesn't mean we have to be glum about it 24/7. And as these memes attest, the internet is filled with positive spins on the situation:


1. Sadly, floating mid-air using CPAP is not a common occurrence. 


2. Smart guy, Darth Vader! 

 "I don't always use the force; but when I do, I make sure my CPAP is plugged in." #starwars #CPAP #sleepapnea #humor


3. I would also recommend against this; however tempting it may seem. 

funny medicine jokes | Medical Humor-3 | The Medicine Journal

4. This is for all the 9-5 yetis out there! 



5. I mean, maybe this would work for you, but I'd perhaps check out what our store has to offer instead...

 Kitty CPAP  not workin so good

6. You know yetis can get sleep apnea, but did you know bears can too? 

Hibernation apnea. Jonny Hawkins.


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