• Lumin CPAP Sanitizer
  • Lumin CPAP Sanitizer

Lumin CPAP Sanitizer

This sanitizer, built by 3B Medical, was designed for CPAP sanitization, but it is useful for just about everything! 

The Lumin uses UVC light to to sanitize your items. Unlike other methods, the Lumin does not use toxic and harmful gas and it is the safest sanitization method available. Although it was designed to clean masks and water chambers, this device can also be used for items such as: toothbrushes, kid's toys, tv remotes, cell phones, nebulizers, etc. 

  • Only 5 minutes for a full sanitizing cycle
  • Touch button for easy activation (great for individuals with dexterity issues)
  • Does not need to be attached to CPAP machine, so you can keep it anywhere in the house
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Very quiet operation, you won't hear it at all
  • 2-year warranty 

This machine will sanitize, but you should still be using CPAP wipes to clean everything for the best possible results. 

**This unit can only properly sanitize hoses that are 100% translucent as the light needs to be able to shine all the way through in order to be fully effective. We are waiting for the "bullet" that can be added on which will sanitize hoses, which is in the stages of Canadian certification before it can be sold.