Prescription Policy

If your order includes a CPAP machine, we must have your prescription on file before we can ship your order. Please note that CPAP supplies and parts such as filters, tubing, water chambers, mask parts, pillows, chin straps, cleaning whips, masks and other accessories do not require a prescription.

There are two easy ways to give us your CPAP prescription:
Email your prescription to OR upload your prescription file to the site when purchasing your CPAP machine.

We can also request your prescription for you. Contact customer service at so we can help.

NOTE: If you email a prescription, please write your order number on your prescription. A prescription for a standard CPAP must include a pressure settings profile for us to pre-program it for you.

Please contact our customer service team directly at if you are having trouble obtaining a prescription for your CPAP machine. We can help!

Subscription Policy

You are able to opt-in to a subscription policy when purchasing a CPAP machine, mask or hose. CPAP machines should be replaced every three years, masks every 6 months, and hoses every year for hygienic and quality.

If you have opted into a subscription program for any of these products and wish to cancel, you may do so by logging into your account and going to your orders. If you have any difficulty with this, please contact and we will cancel your subscription for you.