• CPAP Boomerang Gel Pad (AG-GPADML/E)

CPAP Boomerang Gel Pad (AG-GPADML/E)

The Boomerang Gel Pad™ by AG Industries offers CPAP machine users an easy way to combat most skin irritations and redness that are sometimes caused by wearing a CPAP mask. These soft gel pads are reusable and placed on the bridge of the nose to protect the area where the mask sits. The Boomerang Gel Pad™ comes in two sizes, Petite/Small (1.25" high X 3.40" wide) and Medium/Large (1.40" high X 3.70" wide). Call to speak to a customer service representative about sizing.

Usage Tips

  • Wash the pad prior to each use
  • Placed the pad on the bridge of the nose where your CPAP mask usually sits
  • Replace the pad every 30 days to ensure proper usage

Cleaning your Boomerang Gel Pad™

Clean the pad each day with warm water and mild soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Begin by wetting the pad with warm water and gently rub your fingers across the pad to eliminate any buildup. Next, add a small amount of mild soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer and continue rubbing the pad. After you have cleaned the pad with mild soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer, rinse with warm water and let the pad dry; not in direct sunlight.