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Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

This is the mask so many CPAP users have been waiting for and talking about. The ResMed Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask has only four parts, a scaled-down forehead pad, and an innovative one-size-fits-most design. This mask is comfortable, lightweight, easy to wear and affordable.


  • One Size Fits Most: Never before has CPAP mask sizing been this easy
  • Flexible, Winged Forehead Support: Reduces surface contact with the forehead, eliminating pressure point pain and/or red marks
  • Trusted Dual-Walled Mirage Cushion: The Mirage FX has the proven Spring Air cushion design
  • Only 4 Parts: No need for instructions to reassemble your mask after cleaning
  • New Squeeze Tab Elbow: The new elbow design makes connecting and disconnecting the hose to the mask a simple task
  • SoftEdge Headgear Design: Headgear design reduces red marks and headgear discomfort
  • Diffuse Vent Design: One of the quietest CPAP masks available, this mask incorporates a patented air vent design that quietly diffuses exhaled air

Subscription Information

Masks will collect bacteria over time. It is recommended that you replace your CPAP mask every six months to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Cleaning Instructions

Download our free PDF brochure for sleep hygiene tips and cleaning instructions for your CPAP machine and equipment.


Download Mirage FX size chart  (Click HERE)