Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask Fitpack with Headgear

Philips Respironics introduces the WISP Nasal Mask and Headgear. This mask was created with the intent to bring contemporary style to the sleep therapy scene along with performance and comfort. The new WISP Nasal Mask is visually stylish and offers users an innovative design that delivers highly positive results. Active sleepers will find it easy to sleep without having to constantly adjust and re-adjust the headgear throughout the night. The WISP mask offers the top notch quality and comfort users are looking for.


  • New compact design
  • Comes in a variety of sizes for the most beneficial and effective fit/seal
  • Unobstructed view for activities such as reading or watching television
  • Headgear designed to allow for eyeglasses
  • Package includes multiple sizes to make certain of the best fit
  • Easy to adjust headgear for comfort
  • A contemporary and lightweight blueprint

Subscription Information

Masks will collect bacteria over time. It is recommended that you replace your CPAP mask every six months to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Cleaning Instructions

Download our free PDF brochure for sleep hygiene tips and cleaning instructions for your CPAP machine and equipment.